Yahoo! Weather is available on the AppStore



Yeah, you readed good. Yahoo! Weather is available on AppStore. I think it’s preaty cool, has a awesome design, more information than the stock weather Yahoo! app.

Yahoo-Weather-1.0-for-iOS-iPhone-screenshot-003 Yahoo-Weather-1.0-for-iOS-iPhone-screenshot-004

You can see:

  1. Forecast
  2. Wind & Pressure
  3. Sun & Moon
  4. Precipitation
  5. Details
  6. Map

I think it’s really awesome app. Look, I put it on my first weather app:



Yeah, I know. My iPhone is not jailbroken. I had a problem so I must update to iOS 6.1.3. True Story.

So, back to Yahoo! Weather app.

From release notes:

“The forecast is beautiful. See the weather like never before – only Yahoo! Weather combines stunning photos with the most accurate forecasts.”

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