WORKING: How to get a Free iTunes Card

Did you always want an iTunes Gift Card? For free?

Well, lucky for you, there is an app that allows you to do exactly that is called Bamboo Wallet developed by the company Juno Wallet. Bamboo Wallet is the #1 rewards app with over 1.7 million happy users. You can earn money by inviting friends, watching app trailers, completing surveys and more. With that money, redeem gift cards for iTunes, Wii, XBOX, PSNetwork and more!!
When installed, you can use an invite code which allows you to insert any code and earn $0.25 for free as a start.

As you can see in the photo bellow, it shows that people say that you can earn like $1000 when putting in their invite code, but they are all lies. The maximum amount is $0.25.

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