How to make an Apple ID without a Credit Card

Well, lets start out by saying EVERYONE needs an Apple ID to get apps, right? Well maybe some people want to make an ID but not put in their credit card, only to get free apps. Well the option “NONE” doesnt always come out. It’s choices between Master Card, Visa and some other ones.
Well today ill show you how to make an Apple ID without needing to use a credit card. Follow the steps below.

1: Go on the AppStore and pick any “free” app you want. This is an important step. Dont go to Settings and do it from there, go to the Appstore.

2. Click “Create New Account”

3. After that follow all the step to proceed to making your account.

Now “NONE” appears. Thats because you wanted to get an app that was “free” so you dont need to make an account that has your credit card in it. But if you make an account from Settings its gonna make you put in your credit card. And thats it! Thank you for your read! Make sure you like us and subscribe!
Otniel Dan


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