Trick: How to quick disable Auto-correction

20130422-054832 PM.jpg
I like the Auto-Correction feature. It’s really useful when I write a email or writing a post on my iPhone. But when I’m chating it’s really annoying.

If I want to disable it I must to go on Settings > General > Keyboard and Auto-Correction. To much. I know if you have jailbreak you can just switch on/off from notification center with NcSettings or with Auxo or I don’t know, are a lot of tweaks.

So for those that haven’t jailbreak, a man discovered this:

“A bilingual reader, found
that by typing out a “z,” then touching and dragging to back up the
cursor behind it, he could write as far outside the constraints of his
native land’s language as he wanted. Typing behind the Z leaves
auto-correct unable to guess what word you could possibly be
forming—”Restaurantz?” it asks, with a resigned shrug—so it leaves you
alone. Works on any iPhone/touch app that features spelling correction,

You just need to put a “z” and before “z” you can type without Auto-Correction. I think it’s pretty trick made by Apple.

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