Respawnables: An Addictive RPG Game in the AppStore

A lot of kids these days just love to play RPG games. RPG games that aren’t too violent. Even adults. Well, Respawnables is just that.

Respawnables is a game with intense cartoon or fantasy violence created by the developer, Zynga Inc. There’s more than 100 single player missions to unlock on this superb retina display, cartoon styled RPG game. Play single player mode or multiplayer mode.
In multiplayer there are two different modes; team VS and free for all. In my opinion, team is better. When playing online you can get extra rewards which could get you to better guns like the rocket launched or the sniper.

Single player lets you vs computers free for all. Most people would say that offline is just training for online. But for me, they’re both the same.
iOS 4.3 or later is needed to play this 3D great quality game. Even though the game itself is free, there are some content you can buy for real money.
Click here to get the game. For other Apple app reviews and more click here. Also remember that we have a newsletter at the side-bar so you can get updated daily to our blog. Enjoy.


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