Club Penguin: Coming out in the AppStore

We’ve got good news for you! Not a lot of you play Club Penguin but if you get a chance, give it a try. It’s an addicting game where you live in a penguins life but with pets, clothes, shops, and many more. But lets get to the sweet part. On May 9, 2013 it is said that Clud Penguin will launch there game on the appstore. So far on the appstore theres only one game that you play with this puffle called ” Puffle Launch” and some cheat apps for the game.

As you can see the app is $0.99 but the acual Club Penguin game will be free! The app lets you do anything just like it would let you on the computer.

And remember May 9 is the offical launch of the Club Penguin Game App. If you liked this article we have a newsletter at the side-bar so you can get updated to our blog daily. For other Apple reviews and more click here or here.
Otniel Dan & Daniel Hwang


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