JAILBREAK NEEDED: How to Hack an iOS Game

For most people who have Jailbroken their iDevice and want to hack a game, they use IAP Cracker. And for most people this hack doesn’t work. Well then keep on reading for a different hack.

IDWANEO is a Cydia source that allows you to apply in-app purchases on your Jailbroken iDevice.
1. Go to Cydia and then go to Manage.

2. Then go to Sources.

3. After that, add the source: http://idwaneo.org/repo

4. You’re done!! Go to the source and just find whatever hack you want and install it.

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2 comments on “JAILBREAK NEEDED: How to Hack an iOS Game

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    the vendor steals your cash or sends you merchandise or software that does not meet your demands, then you can obtain your money
    back through Paypal in less than 24 hours. It makes
    sense to be cautious and take your time when jailbreaking so
    as to avoid any problems. Now that a new firmware update is
    available, a lot of iPhone users have to learn how to jailbreak iPhone 5 6.

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