StickWars: A great way to make time fly



Want a game that makes time fly. A strategy game? Well then, StickWars is the right game for you. Right now it’s free for unlimited time so you better get it fast. By the way, if you have an iDevice with iOS 3.0 or lower this game won’t work.

Want to know how to play? Just fling stick men with your fingers. Tap, fling and shake. Beat them up and kill them by throwing them in the air and letting them fall. Trust me, it’s fun. 

There are three versions for this game. The original, the free version and the challenging one. For me and most people though, the original is the best. 

If you want to be really good at it, and I mean like pro good, you will need lightning-fast fingers and cunning strategy. With unlimited rounds, you will never get bored. Upgrade your men and towers to get more stronger.

Visit their forums for more information, hints and more.

Like them on Facebook as well


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