Will the iPad Mini 2 release with a Finger Scanner?

Hey guys Daniel here and I’m afraid that this question cannot be answered and if you are searching and find answers I will think that they are guesses. Some people say it will be called the iPad Mini S but only Apple knows how the iPad will be designed and named. Some people do have the back and front of the iPad Mini 2 but there is no home button.

Though there are a lot of rumours, we are not 100% sure. It would be a great idea and would let the iPad sell much more but this is not our choice.it is Apple’s choice and we can’t change that. It will cost much more if there is the finger scanner, around 50-100$ more. So I would say the iPad will be around 600-700$ with the scanner depending on the size of GB it has. So let’s just hope for the best and wait for it to come out.
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Apple designs Cupertino Campus for Their upcoming Keynote


Apple changes their entrance design with a little more colour as shown above. This wa\s done for their upcoming Keynote on September 10, 2013( https://imaczone.wordpress.com/2013/09/08/apple-wanting-to-lauch-two-new-iphones-this-week/ ) at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern. I think this matches the design of ios 7(simple and modern) and the iphone 5c. 

Lets just hope its a great Presentation

Quick Question: Will iOS 7 allow battery percentage on iPod?

Well right now nobody knows so so far it’s a no but there is a discussion on it. For more information about this discussion click the link provided: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5094583?start=0&tstart=0

Siri comes back with different voices


Siri; iOS 7


As iOS 7 beta came out, there has been a lot of changes to Siri. First of all Siri’s voice has become more clear and easier to understand. There are now different voices you could choose from instead of just one. Second, you can know change your settings; for example you can turn your wifi off, turn bluetooth on or even turn your iDevice onto airplane mode. But most importantly, because of the new Apple theme Siri has never been more beautiful. With the nice colourful graphics and the see-though background nothing has ever been the same.

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How to get iOS 7 on iPhone 4

Hey guys, this is Daniel and I’m going to show you how to get iOS 7 on an iPhone 4. As you can see on the bottom there are three links for getting iOS 7.

If you do not know what version you have all you have to do is look at the back of your iPhone. At the bottom it will say Model AXXX. If it says Model A1332 it will mean that you have an iPhone 4 (GSM Model) and if it says Model A1349 it will mean that you have an iPhone 4 (CDMA Model). Another way to find out is that the GSM Model will contain a SIM card tray on the right side of the device; where as the CDMA Model will not have a SIM card tray.

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Instagram: Why don’t Some People get It

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Remember to follow me as well, @dantheman0107.

Everyone knows what Instagram is. Right? There are over 100 million users. Then Why don’t some people get it if it’s that popular? Well, I have no idea. Even I have it! So what”s up with all the fake Instagramers. All you have to do is search it on the AppStore via.iPhone or on Android Google Play. And if you don’t have a device don’t worry because just a few months ago Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger made it for PC and Mac so people can sign up and upload pictures to share to the world. And remember to follow me @dantheman0107 and us @imaczone.