Google iOS Search app updated with Google Now features



Now Google has updated its excellent Search app for the iPhone and iPad to enable the Google Now features on the iOS platform.

The app icon has also been slightly tweaked.


From release notes:

• get just the right information at just the right time with Google Now.
• weather and traffic conditions before you start your day
• updates on your favorite sports teams and breaking news stories as they happen

Google-Search-3.0-for-iOS-iPhone-screenshot-005 Google-Search-3.0-for-iOS-iPhone-screenshot-004

Google Search 3.0 is a free update from the App Store.

The universal binary works natively on iPhones, iPod touches and iPads, requires iOS 5.0 or later and is optimized for the iPhone 5.

You can learn more about Google Now here.


Want to drink a coffee with Tim Cook? That will cost you $50,000

Have you wondered what CEO Tim Cook does everyday? What he kind of coffee he drinks? Dark coffee? Cappuccino? Well if you got a couple thousand dollars you could!
Theres an charity that launched an auction that will give you a chance to sit down with CEO Tim Cook and take about the the next big thing.
If you win the auction you could have a cup of coffee with Cook at Apple Headquarters which is an estimate of $50,000. You get an estimate of 1 hour chat sipping coffee.
If you had an hour, what will you talk to Tim Cook about?


Google Drive update adds landscape editing on iPhone


The application will now load faster and you should notice nimbler performance while editing your documents, Google says. More importantly, viewing or editing documents on a tiny smartphone screen has become a tad easier with landscape support, which is useful for prolonged text entry because you get to use the wider virtual keyboard.

Image top of post depicts landscape editing in action.

In case you’ve been wondering, Google is giving each user five gigabytes of free cloud shared between Google Drive and Google+ Photos. You can also upgrade to 25GB of additional storage for $24.99 per year via in-app purchase.

Google Drive is a universal binary that works natively on all iDevices, iPads included.

You can download it free from the App Store.


Apple tries to top Google’s Street View

Apple is now making their very own street view navigation as you can see in the photo bellow. After all these years of google’s street viewer, Apple finally tries to outdo it.

When Apple makes their very own street viewer, it has been said that it won’t be on the computer but only on iDevices. Right now though, for Apple’s default map app, Google Maps is being used but when Apple’s street viewer comes out, things will change as the new iOS 7 comes out.

Will Apple move up a Step?

Do you think Apple will hope the best of it and let Cydia hop into the AppStore. What do you think?


Even if Apple would have to make some adjustments to Cydia like erase installous, I think, in my opinion, it would still be amazing.

You wouldn’t need to jailbreak your iDevice to get Cydia (Even though there already is a way to get Cydia without JailBreak).
It would be much easier. It would even be easier for Apple because they wouldn’t need to make all these different themes or features for their iDevice.

Comment on what you think about this and while your at it, come look at some other Apple Rumours by clicking the link right here: