Apple Plans on Flexible Screen Displays

So far, what we know, is that Apple is planing on flexible screen displays on their new I devices that would be coming out as you can see in the photo bellow.

In today’s world, flexible screens are not impossible but even if they came out, it would be really expensive.
There was a Job Ad written by Apple on April 1, 2013 that clearly states that they are looking for a display specialist to work with LCD, AMOLE and flexible displays astounding can see in the description bellow:

Apple Inc. is looking for a display specialist to lead the investigation on emerging display technologies such as high optical efficiency LCD, AMOLE and flexible display to improve overall display optical performance.

Some people say that the device will be foldable so the person can easily fit it in their pocket and when it opens, it automatically turns on.

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Apple prepares to release iWatch in 2013


Apple prepares to release the iWatch in 2013. An analist says that he was in the company where the iWatch is producing, and there are all components of iWatch ready. We dont know sure, but the allmost possible. At the time, i dont know to much things about the iWatch, but i will search and i will tell you in other post.

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