JAILBREAK NEEDED: How to Hack an iOS Game

For most people who have Jailbroken their iDevice and want to hack a game, they use IAP Cracker. And for most people this hack doesn’t work. Well then keep on reading for a different hack.

IDWANEO is a Cydia source that allows you to apply in-app purchases on your Jailbroken iDevice.
1. Go to Cydia and then go to Manage.

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Accentify: An Upcoming Cydia Tweak

@winocm has began making another one of his magnificent tweak that allows you to add tint to the stock iOS chrome. Which basically means that you can switch the colour of the stock iOS chrome to any of the colours it shows in the photo bellow. For more information just keep on reading.

It also gives the status bar, the top black bar, tint as well. These eight different vibrant colours are the best choices for this tweak. It attracts people’s attention just like that.

Accentify works on tons of stock iOS apps. For example in the photo above it shows that it works on mail. It also works on safari, settings and more.

In the photo above it shows Safari and Mail with the Scarlet Red tint. Accentify will be coming out next week and will cost $0.99 but most people already know that the Cydia source sinfuliphonerepo will make a cracked free version like they did for iFile which is supposed to be $0.99. Comment on what you think about this article. For other Cydia tweaks, Apple rumours and more click here.

Top Camera Tweak: PhotoTorch

Normally when you take photos with an iPhone, the flash only turns on when the picture is taken. With PhotoTorch, a recent JailBreak tweak created by the iOS developer PoomSmart, the flash stays on until you get off the camera app.

Another feature of this tweak is that you can adjust the brightness of the LED flash. For example, if it wasn’t that dark but dark enough that the camera counldn’t see anything, you would be able to adjust the flash so that it wouldn’t be too bright.

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sn0wbreeze v2.9.14 released


The latest version of sn0wbreeze version 2.9.14, was recently released, and it brings with it support for the iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak for A4 devices. This latest version of sn0wbreeze also supports APTicket validation, in light of the “Cydia introduces new TSS Center, Saurik explains what happened to iOS 6 TSS data” recent issues with APTickets. If you’re a Windows user (sn0wbreeze is for Windows only), and are looking for a way to jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 on your pre-A5 device with a tethered jailbreak, then this latest version of sn0wbreeze is your ticket to freedom.

As usual, though most people rely on factory unlocks these days, sn0wbreeze is great for preserving your baseband on devices used with UltraSn0w to unlock your device. Again, just to reiterate, this is a tethered jailbreak only. If you want to give it a try, download sn0wbreeze v2.9.14 from our download page.

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Abstergo: Tweak for Managing Notifications

Abstergo is the perfect tweak for people who get a lot of notifications created by Andrew Richardson and Joshua Tucker finally after over a year.
The first feature Abstergo allows you to do is to erase all your notifications on your lock screen in a few seconds.
One of the other features is that you can set snooze reminders for notifications. To do this, just tap and hold on the notification. You can clear, remove from lock screen, or either edit it.

This awesome tweak will be coming out on April 21 and will cost you $1.99.

No downgrade A5+ iDevices because of incomplete aptickets

Today @iH8sn0w says that because of incomplete aptickets for iOS 6.x.x we cant downgrade. Maybe you know that @saurik, the creator of Cydia, had some problems by saving the aptickets. So it will be a waste to develop a tool for small % for people who have the apticket complete, in my case.

Here’s the tweet:

He also says that even he is stucked, is currently no known method to downgrade.

Here’s the tweet:

So, what can i say. People who are stuck on iOS 6.1.3 wont be a downgrade tool because of incomplete aptickets. We hope to appear iOS 6.2 with major updates so evad3rs can jailbreak, or @iH8sn0w, who knows? They cant make an jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 because:

  1. it will be a waste of time
  2. if evad3rs will make jailbreak, Apple will make the security of  iOS 7 stronger, than we need to wait approx half a year for iOS 7 jailbreak

So better we wait. I hope i could make inside of you a ‘hope’.

WORKING: How to get Cydia without JailBreak- Updated

This is the working way to get Cydia without JailBreak. I will show you the steps after this message; you must do this on your computer and not your iDevice or else it won’t work!! Works on Windows (XP minimum), Mac OS X (10.6 minimum), or Linux (x86/x86_64)

Step 1
Go to Internet Explore or whatever you have and then go to the link: http://www.filecrop.com

Step 2
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CONFIRMED: no jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3

Today, @pod2g has tweeted that evad3rs wont work on a jailbreak tool for iOS 6.1.3! He sad that it will be to much efforts for an minimal update.

Here’s the tweet:

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Top 5 Cydia Tweaks

This list will show you the top ten Cydia tweaks and a description of what it does.

1. iFile
This tweak gives you access to your iPhone’s data.


2. Zeppelin
Zeppelin is a tweak that allows you to switch the carrier logo on an iPhone (top left corner) into almost any other logo. For example, an Continue reading

Top Cydia Tweek of 2013

This is one of the best tweaks in Cydia. It is called FolderEnhancer.

It lets you create folders in folders. It also lets you have up to 320 apps in one folder.
You can get this tweak from the source, BigBoss Repo for only $2.49
For more tweaks click the link: