Will the iPad Mini 2 release with a Finger Scanner?

Hey guys Daniel here and I’m afraid that this question cannot be answered and if you are searching and find answers I will think that they are guesses. Some people say it will be called the iPad Mini S but only Apple knows how the iPad will be designed and named. Some people do have the back and front of the iPad Mini 2 but there is no home button.

Though there are a lot of rumours, we are not 100% sure. It would be a great idea and would let the iPad sell much more but this is not our choice.it is Apple’s choice and we can’t change that. It will cost much more if there is the finger scanner, around 50-100$ more. So I would say the iPad will be around 600-700$ with the scanner depending on the size of GB it has. So let’s just hope for the best and wait for it to come out.
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Apple Confirms Siri Remembers your Data for Two Years

Apple has now out given the secret that Siri remembers all your data that you speak for two years. It is said that the data is kept in iCloud. Watchers also found that users’ voice clips are stored as well. Any private things that you won’t want people to know about. Log out of your iCloud and that solves the problem.
Even if the secret is out, it doesnt mean you shouldn’t use iCloud. ICloud is a storage for your data but if you dont want “everything” in iCloud, just disable Siri. Sorry Siri, we got you this time.


Top 10 Funny Questions to Ask Siri

Everyone out there knows Siri. And everyone knows that she can be very useful sometimes or very annoying. But Siri loves everyone. Try asking her some of these questions and see her response. It’s always un-perdictable!!

1: Siri, Do you believe in God?

2: Siri, Do you know Steve Jobs?

3: Siri, What are you wearing?

4: Siri, When will pigs fly?

5: Siri, Why did Apple make you?

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IPhone 5S or IPhone 6 FingerPrint Sensor

A voice recognition for the IPhone 4S and perhapes a fingerprint sensor for the IPhone 5S or 6. It might be a new feature for the new iphone late this June. It’s a fingerprint sensor instead of a passcode to get in the phone. If we can expect this, there will be more stuff expected for the next iphone. Here’s a concept.


What is Siri?

For the people who are new to Apple and don’t know what Siri is, you came to the right place.

For starters, Siri is a feature on some of the iDevices.

Use your voice to send messages, set reminders and alarms, search for information and more.

With Siri, life is so much easier, but for iPod, iPhone and iPad users that have no 3G, there is a problem because

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