iOS 7 in 4 Days

iOS 7 is in 4 days!! For most Apple users, iOS 7 beta is the highest iOS can go to but in just 4 days the iOS 7 GM is coming out!!
It will be compatible with iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPod 5.


Wallpaper of the Day#35

Hey viewers and bloggers,
We are back in action with the latest news for you!
First of all like we start everyday…with the Wallpaper of the Day!!


We Will Be Back In September!

Summer time is a time to be spent more outdoors and less inside. Thats what we have been doing and pretty sure you guys were too. We are indeed sorry that we couldn’t post anything in the last month or so but the truth is that summer only comes around once a year for 2 months. We are still here but we will be starting to post stuff in September. Who knows, maybe Apple has a new device coming up and what if we told you that it might be called iPhone 5C?….


iMacZone Admins

Thanks For Your Feed-Back!

We thank you all for the great feed back you all gave us! We don’t always reply back but we just wanted to tell you that we do read everyones message. We might not always respond but it’s “ok” to keep on contacting us with your concerns and positives. We thank you once more!


iMacZone Head Quarters

Quick Question: Will iOS 7 allow battery percentage on iPod?

Well right now nobody knows so so far it’s a no but there is a discussion on it. For more information about this discussion click the link provided: