Apple posts IOS 7 intro video

Well Apple is back once more! This time with an extrodinary video of IOS 7. Amazing new design, all most like a new iPhone. Instead of starting the video this time with the new features, they started out with their inventions and improvements over the years. Along the way through the video it’s just talk about the new features with Jony Ive smooth English accent.
This time Apple has really changed their style of fashion. There is so much to talk about and show but ill let the video do the work. Some videos on Youtube have it but ill just be original and give you the link so click here and watch the amazing new IOS video. Ill leave it over to Jony Ive.


Angry Birds Space Gone Free

Good news viewers! Another day, another app gone free! This time it’s “Angry Birds Space”. This is the amazing new generation of Angry Birds (before Angry Birds Starwars) and is really amazing. It costed $2.99 but now it’s FREE. In Appstore it is named App Of The Week. Like every free app when it’s free. So for now enjoy the FREE App of The Week.
Link at the bottom.


What do you think about this blog?

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Top App in iTunes- Temple Run: Oz

The top app in iTunes, right now, is Temple Run: Oz.

It is only $0.99. You can play your own music while playing this game unlike some games. This version of Temple Run inspired by Temple Run II. There are Great new features that are waiting for you like the All-New Hot Air Balloon feature in the picture bellow.


In this version of temple run the characters are different and so is the map. Since it hasn’t been a while since it came out, there are some glitches as you can see over here:

TM2 vs Oztem
by Mystificationmvr

I love the graphics it’s great and the game

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