One Of The Best Panorama App Ever!

Panorama is amazing! That fact that you could take a 360 degree picture. But what else would be awesome is if it could be HANDSFREE! Well yes, there really is an app for this. This app right now is on sale for $1.99. But lets get to the sweet part. The app works great for iPhone 5 and perhaps for iPhone 4. Without a case of anything literally anything on the iPhone, placed on a flat surface, the iPhone will make a awesome 360 degree Panorama picture handsfree. Brilliant? Yes I know! And now that you actually have and idea of what the app does, its called “Cycloramic Pro” or another version called “Cycloramic Studio 360 Panorama”. In my opinion they do the same thing but maybe just some switches to it.
How does it take a 360 degree turn? Well, you place your iPhone on the flat surface standing up. You click the button to take the picture. By the vibration of the iPhone, the app is created to make the iPhone turn 360 degrees. Outstanding!

Otniel Dan
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How to get Panorama on iPhone 4, iPod 4, and iPad 2

First of all, you don’t need JailBreak. Second of all, if you have no money in your Apple ID, well, too bad.
In seconds you can make a beautiful pamorama picture and share it to the world.

With this app, you will never forget where you took the photo because every panorama is GPS tagged. Some people say that this app is better then the fault panorama mode on the iPhone 5.

Instant, awesome panoramas


Feels like Magic


Easy as pie… Impressively sharp

To get Panorama on your iDevice, just get the app 360 Panorama. It is only $0.99. The photo bellow is what the app looks like.

Click here for the link to the app.

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