iPhone 6 Expected With a 4.8-inch Screen

To all those Apple users with iPhones that you always complain that the screen is too small and want to switch to Samsung, you still might wanna think twice about that. We all know that just almost 3 weeks ago the iPhone 5c and 5s were released, but some of us are already thinking ahead to the next generation iPhone. Apple suppliers and analyst predict the iPhone 6 with a 4.8-inch screen. When the iPhone 5 launched, it had and still has a 4-inch screen. Little by little, Apple is growing and improving. Gee, I’d love to see an iPhone some day like a Samsung…

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Apples Event on October 22

Well Apple’s event in September was great! I still think to myself why Apple would want to release 2 new phones at the same time?! What a waste! But I’m pretty sure a lot of people agree with me. It’s more like 1-2 new features = New iPhone! Oh Apple, please theres a big competition ahead of you. Ok, before we get off track, it was announced that Apple will have an iPad event on the 22. And its sort of lame but the next iPad will be the iPad Mini C or iPad Mini 2. We don’t know for sure but we will found out more for sure.
Ok but the iPhone 5c had a good explanation of “c” as ‘colourful’ but why would you want that for an iPad?? You dont want your products to look like a rainbow do you? I don’t know but I’d like to hear your ideas and thoughts in the comments below. More to come!

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Otniel Dan

Apple posts IOS 7 intro video

Well Apple is back once more! This time with an extrodinary video of IOS 7. Amazing new design, all most like a new iPhone. Instead of starting the video this time with the new features, they started out with their inventions and improvements over the years. Along the way through the video it’s just talk about the new features with Jony Ive smooth English accent.
This time Apple has really changed their style of fashion. There is so much to talk about and show but ill let the video do the work. Some videos on Youtube have it but ill just be original and give you the link so click here and watch the amazing new IOS video. Ill leave it over to Jony Ive.


Angry Birds Space Gone Free

Good news viewers! Another day, another app gone free! This time it’s “Angry Birds Space”. This is the amazing new generation of Angry Birds (before Angry Birds Starwars) and is really amazing. It costed $2.99 but now it’s FREE. In Appstore it is named App Of The Week. Like every free app when it’s free. So for now enjoy the FREE App of The Week.
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Instagram App that lets you see who is unfollowing you!

Good news viewers! We have found an app that lets you see who unfollows and to see people that dont follow you back! This app works 100% and is totally safe! Now to get to the juicy part, the app is called My Followers. All you need to do is type in your user name and passcode and boom your login into your account that tells you everything you need to know.

The Good News is that the app is the full version and is free for a limited time addition

So what are you waiting for? Click your home button and swipe to find Appstore and open it up!
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Want to drink a coffee with Tim Cook? That will cost you $50,000

Have you wondered what CEO Tim Cook does everyday? What he kind of coffee he drinks? Dark coffee? Cappuccino? Well if you got a couple thousand dollars you could!
Theres an charity that launched an auction that will give you a chance to sit down with CEO Tim Cook and take about the the next big thing.
If you win the auction you could have a cup of coffee with Cook at Apple Headquarters which is an estimate of $50,000. You get an estimate of 1 hour chat sipping coffee.
If you had an hour, what will you talk to Tim Cook about?


Respawnables: An Addictive RPG Game in the AppStore

A lot of kids these days just love to play RPG games. RPG games that aren’t too violent. Even adults. Well, Respawnables is just that.

Respawnables is a game with intense cartoon or fantasy violence created by the developer, Zynga Inc. There’s more than 100 single player missions to unlock on this superb retina display, cartoon styled RPG game. Play single player mode or multiplayer mode.
In multiplayer there are two different modes; team VS and free for all. In my opinion, team is better. When playing online you can get extra rewards which could get you to better guns like the rocket launched or the sniper.

Single player lets you vs computers free for all. Most people would say that offline is just training for online. But for me, they’re both the same.
iOS 4.3 or later is needed to play this 3D great quality game. Even though the game itself is free, there are some content you can buy for real money.
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Fruit Ninja Developers created a new iPhone game called “Fish out of water”

Today we hage found out that Fruit Ninja Developers created a new game called “Fish out of Water”. From the game Tiny Wings the game is very similar. The fish hop out of the water and you try to get a high score. By advencing through the game and completing different objectives will unlock charms that can be used to unleash bonus powers at the start of each game.
The gameplay also involes obstacles like changing weathes, icebergs, and jelly fish swarms.

The app cost $0.99 and you can also buy charms and gems in the game.

Also check out this video of the game in action! Thank you for your view!

Otniel Dan

Review: TwelveSouth’s BookBook case for the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro



We were intrigued by the hollowed out book idea with the company’s original BookBook case for the MacBook Air and since it has brought out similar hand distressed leather BookBook cases for other Apple devices, like the iPhone and iPad mini. While maybe not the ideal option for Apple’s anit-skeumorphic cheerleaders, I found the stark contrast to Apple’s sometimes cold industrial design a nice juxtaposition.

I think ist an good idea. It protect your Mac, looks natural, it mask it and i love it.

Let me know what do you think about this case.