New upcoming tweak called “Vertex” brings Mission Control concept to reality


Vertex is an upcoming tweak currently in development that aims to bring Mission Control inspired functionality to iOS 7. The tweak, which is currently being talked about on /r/jailbreak, merges Control Center and the app switcher together, along with other iOS 7-centric touches splashed in.

There’s still no timetable for Vertex’s release, but we do have a video preview of the tweak created by developer Ian Burns. Check past the break for the video and more details concerning this awesome looking jailbreak release.

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JAILBREAK NEEDED: How to Hack an iOS Game

For most people who have Jailbroken their iDevice and want to hack a game, they use IAP Cracker. And for most people this hack doesn’t work. Well then keep on reading for a different hack.

IDWANEO is a Cydia source that allows you to apply in-app purchases on your Jailbroken iDevice.
1. Go to Cydia and then go to Manage.

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How to get Chat Heads on iOS right now with MessageBox

MessageBox-Chat-Heads-1024x576 (1)

What? Facebook’s Chat Head on iOS? And so soon?

Yeah! So it is exactly like android chat heads.

How to install MessageBox:

Note: You must be jailbroken, and have iFile on your device to follow these instructions.

Step 1: Install the official Facebook app from the App Store

Step 2: Download this file from GitHub while on your iPhone

Step 3: Open the file with iFile, and select install

Step 4: After installation is completed, completely reboot your device

Adam Bell has made the MessageBox beta release available for all users to download right now. Bear in mind that the tweak is still in beta, and contains a variety of random glitches. Bell plans to continue to work on the tweak to get the remainder of the bugs worked out, but even still, I found it to be surprisingly usable in its current form. What has your experience been like with the MessageBox? Share your thoughts, comments, and suggestions, in the comment section below.

Note: MessageBox is now available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free. Head over to Cydia to download it now.

CameraTweak HD supercharges the iPad’s stock Camera app


CameraTweak HD is a new jailbreak tweak that put the Camera + App features directly th the iPad Camera. Of course it is an CameraTweak for iPhone. Here’s a review by iDownloadBlog:

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Accentify: An Upcoming Cydia Tweak

@winocm has began making another one of his magnificent tweak that allows you to add tint to the stock iOS chrome. Which basically means that you can switch the colour of the stock iOS chrome to any of the colours it shows in the photo bellow. For more information just keep on reading.

It also gives the status bar, the top black bar, tint as well. These eight different vibrant colours are the best choices for this tweak. It attracts people’s attention just like that.

Accentify works on tons of stock iOS apps. For example in the photo above it shows that it works on mail. It also works on safari, settings and more.

In the photo above it shows Safari and Mail with the Scarlet Red tint. Accentify will be coming out next week and will cost $0.99 but most people already know that the Cydia source sinfuliphonerepo will make a cracked free version like they did for iFile which is supposed to be $0.99. Comment on what you think about this article. For other Cydia tweaks, Apple rumours and more click here.

How to make an Apple ID without a Credit Card

Well, lets start out by saying EVERYONE needs an Apple ID to get apps, right? Well maybe some people want to make an ID but not put in their credit card, only to get free apps. Well the option “NONE” doesnt always come out. It’s choices between Master Card, Visa and some other ones.
Well today ill show you how to make an Apple ID without needing to use a credit card. Follow the steps below.

1: Go on the AppStore and pick any “free” app you want. This is an important step. Dont go to Settings and do it from there, go to the Appstore.

2. Click “Create New Account”

3. After that follow all the step to proceed to making your account.

Now “NONE” appears. Thats because you wanted to get an app that was “free” so you dont need to make an account that has your credit card in it. But if you make an account from Settings its gonna make you put in your credit card. And thats it! Thank you for your read! Make sure you like us and subscribe!
Otniel Dan

Top Camera Tweak: PhotoTorch

Normally when you take photos with an iPhone, the flash only turns on when the picture is taken. With PhotoTorch, a recent JailBreak tweak created by the iOS developer PoomSmart, the flash stays on until you get off the camera app.

Another feature of this tweak is that you can adjust the brightness of the LED flash. For example, if it wasn’t that dark but dark enough that the camera counldn’t see anything, you would be able to adjust the flash so that it wouldn’t be too bright.

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Auxo is coming on iPad next month

20130418-100956 AM.jpg
Auxo, the famous jailbreak tweak is coming for iPad next month. Auxo was the first tweak that I installed on my iPhone 5 when I made jailbreak with Evasi0n.

20130418-101331 AM.jpg

I think Auxo is awesome on iPad. So, here we are. When Auxo appears i will post about it.

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Live Battery Indicator now available for free on Cydia


Live Battery Indicator  a jailbreak tweak that merges the battery bar and the battery percentage into one, is now available for free download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.


The surprise is a bonus WinterBoard theme that has been bundled in with the tweak. The theme ditches the circular model of the default version of Live Battery Indicator, in favor of a more tradition battery. The battery percentage is still encapsulated within the battery, maintaining the tweak’s trademark look.


The preference panel, while not including any actual settings or options to manipulate, features instructions for creating your own themes. Make sure that you like us on and follow us on and we have Newsletter on right side of our Blog. Let me know what do you think in the comment section below.